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Microsoft Windows 10 Setup

MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 PRO – Can Upgrade From Windows 10 Home to Pro 

You will receive :

  • Lifetime license key windows 10 pro for 1 PC
  • Link to get a fresh software from Microsoft
  • Support for Install or Upgrade
  • Can UPGRADE from Windows 10 Home to Pro 


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Windows 10 pro is great for building your business

Simple and convenient management. It is very user friendly

Designed to move from one device to other device with no problem

Best Operating system with windows 10 pro.


Feel perfect with CORTANA – virtual assistant of Microsoft

You will never miss any appointments and deadlines with CORTANA.

Easily create and edit and open lists by your voice

Remote desktop only support only this version, you can control other computer easily

I think its perfect for your business.



The multitasking like the main process with features for quickly swap between 4 elements at once

You can manage your screen as you want. Manage multiple Office app and docs easier

You can resizing some apps in a single motion.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is new internet browser, The design is perfect for online working

You can write by your hand or use keyboard on websites.

It’s faster ,safer than browser of windows 10.


Windows 10 CONTINUUM

You don’t need choose between mobility, desktop peripherals or touch when you are using windows continuum.

The best screen for you, windows 10 optimizes experience to your actions and your device.

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